Configure kiosk features directly on a device with EmKioskConfig

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Our technical teams recently released a new tool that will make the life of IT guys a lot easier. It lets you configure the kiosk mode directly on a mobile device, without the need of a PC. Users who previously worked with Scan2Stage on a computer will instantly feel familiar: The UI was designed similar to the EmKiosk menu, making the usage as simple as possible.

Getting started

After opening the application on your Android device, the main settings screen will appear. Divided in two sections, it lets you choose settings related to the kiosk mode itself, and everything related to device settings. Kiosk settings include basic layout options or which apps should be hidden, and device settings include Wi-Fi or barcode scanner settings. Thanks to the intuitive UI, every feature can be turned on or off with toggle switches. The setup can be done entirely on a mobile device, which will act as a master device or server, and nearby devices will be the devices to receive the configurations. After you are done, simply tap on SAVE on the bottom of the screen.

Apply settings with Direct Clone

Similar to when setting up devices using the desktop version, all settings will be applied via Direct Clone from the EmKit menu on the device. When creating the backup file, make sure you tick the EmKiosk section as well. In the next step you can set a password (optional) for this backup file. And lastly, open up your Direct Clone server and start the cloning process. Now move over to the client device, and launch Direct Clone there as well (when setting up a device: Press and hold power button, and then tap Direct Clone in the menu, or navigate to EmKit menu, and then tap Direct Clone). Tap on START DIRECT CLONE SERVICE, and the process will start.


EmKioskConfig runs on all Android-based Point Mobile devices as listed below. All upcoming models will be compatible as well. Please note that at this point, EmKioskConfig is not pre-installed yet, and has to be installed manually.

ModelOS version
PM45 (Android 9 only)45.76 and higher
PM85 (Android 9 only)85.26 and higher
PM9090.11 and higher
PM45141.06 and higher
PM3030.02 and higher
PM6767.02 and higher
PM7575.02 and higher

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