How to monitor your battery’s health with EmHealthReport

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One of the most important things when using enterprise mobile devices on a daily basis is battery life. Technology has come a long way in terms of screens, memory, expandability, and of course functionality, but the more features a device has, the more taxing it becomes for your battery. While most modern devices offer replaceable batteries, big capacities, and advanced power management, it still makes sense to check and monitor the health of your batteries regularly – especially when managing a large fleet of devices. Ultimately, batteries are consumable articles and wear out over time. In this post, we will take a look a closer look on the battery situation on Point Mobile devices.

EmKit on a PM75 mobile computer
EmHealthReport app in the Productivity section of the EmKit

It all starts with EmHealthReport

Our EmKit has been around for a while. Power users have known it since its debut in 2017, and since then it underwent a lot of updates with tons of new features added to it. One of the latest updates concerns the battery: EmHealthReport is a little application in the EmKit that gives you a detailed overview of your battery’s wear level, age, temperature, and more. It is pre-installed on all of our devices running on Android 9 or higher, and there is a standalone application that can be installed optionally for devices with Android or lower. You’ll find the application under EmKit EmHealthReport.

EmHealthReport feature list

The following table explains which features are included in EmHealthReport. 

Feature Description

Battery Asset

Battery Manufacturer Date Date when the battery was manufactured
Battery Serial Number Point Mobile battery’s unique serial number


Battery Level Remaining battery capacity expressed as a
percentage of battery power
Battery Age Indicating state of battery age data to
determine when it should be replaced
Battery Voltage Indicating battery voltage as measured at
the time of query
Battery Temperature Indicating battery temperature as measured
at the time of query

eMMC Health-related Information

Pre-EOL Information Indicating status of eMMC
health data
Device life time estimation
type A
Indicating estimated used
percentage of eMMC
Device life time estimation
type B

Additionally, EmHealthReport also indicates the wear-level of both battery and the eMMC module as seen below. 


  Status Description


Battery status is good as the number of
battery charging cycles is under 400.


Battery is required to replace as the
number of battery charging cycles is above 400.


  Status Description
eMMC is healthy
Warning 80% of eMMC’s available blocks are in use
Dead 90% of eMMC’s available blocks are in use
Unknown Cannot detect the eMMC information

For further tips on how to prolong your battery life, check out Google’s Android Help Center by clicking the link below.

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