Why it’s a good idea to update your POS system

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Android mobile POS device PM500

For most of the world and in many stores, how we handle the payment is evolving but not fast enough. Unlike smartphones and the ever-convenient applications of mobile OS, the Point-of-Sale devices and the payment solution in traditional brick stores seem to be a little stagnant: A big display with the touch screen that doesn’t work very well, all the confusing functions and buttons make the experience frustrating for both customers and employees. It needs time and practice for a cashier to master the system, and customers get frustrated faced with an inexperienced employee at the checkout desk. Old people who are not used to the technologies are having a harder time training themselves to use them fast and without errors.

In addition to that, it’s no secret that restaurants and big retailers are adapting to the new normal, which is the increasing dependency on online shopping and delivery: and to achieve that you might need an additional device and another quite costly solution.

Android mobile POS

But, there are better ways that streamline all the tasks regarding payment, including inventory management and even on-the-site payment or delivery service: modern mobile POS running Android.

As the world’s most popular operating system, Android is so intuitive and easy to use that it doesn’t require almost any training regardless of one’s age. Some devices incorporate scanning the item, offering IC, MSR, NFC, and other newly introduced payment solutions, as well as printers into a single mobile device. Not only they are faster than most prevalent POS in big retail stores, but they are also small and have modern designs that clean up the desk giving the business a modern look.

The benefit of Android-based payment solution

This example of the Android POS solution below shows how big a difference it will make in our daily lives.

Cybernaptics, an IT solution provider based in Mauritius, West Africa and East Africa, has introduced a simple yet powerful Android mobile payment solution to the market: SalesFlex.

SalesFlex payment solution developed by Cybernaptics

SalesFlex welcomes the users with icon-menus that describe their functions simply. With SalesFlex, businesses can take orders, issues on-site receipts, integrate the payment and sales record with ERP or central accounting system.

These new types of mobile POS solutions reduce training cost and time, make fewer human errors with a faster process that brings higher customer satisfaction. Also, streamlining the many tasks and data into one application increases productivity and is cost-effective since you can do three more jobs with one device and one solution.

NFC payment with PM500 Android mobile POS

Moreover, the versatile nature of the mobile operating system allows using completely different types of solutions in the very same device that’s used for payment: by simply installing the solution that suits your business.

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