Post-Brexit: Providing repair services

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After months of discussions, the UK finally voted to leave the EU in 2016. The official date for the Brexit was set to be January 31st of 2020, but in order to adjust to the complex changes, both the UK and EU agreed to keep things the same until December 31st of 2020. The Brexit has severe impacts for the trading business, and many companies struggle to provide their products and services to the UK.

Ensuring repair services for Point Mobile devices in the UK

When companies use mobile computers for their work, it is crucial to avoid any disruption to keep the business up and running. If a device breaks, tasks can’t be completed, and result in downtimes costing huge amounts of money. That’s why we work with experienced repair service providers all around the world to ensure that our products are repaired quickly to be back in business in no time. For the United Kingdom, we started a very close partnership with Mobile Computer Repair Ltd. as our Authorized Service Centre (ASC), located in Poole, Dorset. The guys at MCR bring in a ton of know-how, providing in- and out-of-warranty services, our Point Care SLA, as well as their own bespoke comprehensive annual maintenance agreements which include accidental damage.

Our Authorized Service Center (ASC) in the UK: Mobile Computer Repair Ltd.

We have worked closely together to ensure spare parts are stocked locally in the UK, realizing a fast 3 to 5 working day turnaround as standard, with expedited turnaround times also available for extra time-critical repairs. As a well established service provider, MCR knows rugged devices inside out, and we are super happy to work with them.

Easy RMA booking through online portal

To initiate a return, you only need to set up a return online using MCR’s handy online RMA tool. It only takes a few clicks to book a repair and generate shipping documentation for each device. The portal also features real-time repair tracking and next-working day collection options. When managing a large fleet of devices, a portal like that saves time and reduces errors massively.

A look behind the scenes: Devices waiting for service at MCR

Now, even though the Brexit has caused a bunch of problems and challenges, we are well prepared for the new situation, making sure spare parts are stocked and devices will be repaired quickly.

Mobile Computer Repair has a long-established reputation for delivering high quality repairs and fast turnaround times, all backed up with outstanding customer service – The perfect complement to our hardware offering.

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