Three main reasons for Android popularity in the business world

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PM30hc used by medical workers to manage patient data
Android is the operating system of choice in many industries thanks to its superior security features and easy management

For all mobile devices including consumer smartphones, Android has become the dominant operating system in the globe. Many attribute its success primarily to its open-source nature and the variety of budget devices, but Android has other definitive advantages over its competitors. The strength of Android is shown exceptionally well in business applications, which resulted in its dominance across many industries where mobile smart devices are deployed.

Bayton already posted an article that extensively explains why Android is a better choice for businesses. However, I’d like to pick the three most important enterprise features of Android in my opinion and give a more simplified explanation in this post.

1. The security

Contrary to the common association with iOS being the most secure mobile operating system, Gartner has ranked Android higher than iOS in terms of kernel security, exploit protection, network security, workspace isolation, and more, since 2016.

Source: Gartner, December 2017 

Businesses also find these two features below especially useful for keeping corporate data safe:

Corporate/personal data separation

Workers can use the corporate devices home privately without harming the work data since Android offers work profiles to be completely separated. Work data is securely isolated and separately encrypted on a disk.

Monthly security patches

Google supports monthly security patches for the device manufacturers and ensures the end-customers receive the benefits by operating the Android Enterprise Recommended program, which requires manufacturers to promptly respond to both regular and urgent security updates made by Google.

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Medical worker is using PM30hc to check the patient data.
Google supports monthly security patches that ensure data security.

2. The flexibility

However you want to deploy and manage the devices, Android allows you the most versatile management solutions. Any management scenario including BYOD, dedicated, or something in between is well-covered thanks to its unmatched flexibility – this means you can easily allow the employees to use personal devices for work by using a separately encrypted profile or choose to distribute company devices with limited access only.

3. Easy provisioning

Businesses purchase and use devices in bulk for all of their employees: sometimes all the devices are located in proximity and a master device can do all the provision with a bump. But sometimes devices are too far away and every time a new update comes out or the settings change, provisioning over the air is required. Android can accommodate these scenarios. Also, device manufacturers and system integrators offer one of the most convenient and easy-to-use solutions for Android provisioning.

These are the methods of provisioning available for Android devices:

  • NFC
  • QR code scan
  • DPC identifier
  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Other OEM-specific provisioning methods

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