RF851 UHF Sled: Pair with PM85 by Bluetooth

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Just a few steps required: Pairing RF851 with PM85

You got yourself an RF851 UHF sled for your warehouse, but you are not sure how to connect it with your PM85? Worry not – this little tutorial will shed some light into the connecting process.

Follow these steps

  1. Download & install the RFID Demo app
  2. Turn on the RF851 by pressing the Power button on the right side. A red LED will light up on the left side.
  3. Now take your PM85 and open up the RFID Demo app
  4. On the top left side, tap “Bluetooth” to turn Bluetooth on
  5. Tap “Search Reader” on the top right side
  6. And then choose your RF851 from the list by tapping “CONNECT”

Done! The red LED on the left side will now turn green, which means both devices are paired successfully! All that’s left to do now is mount the PM85 on top of the RF851 like so: Slide the PM85 in with the left or right side first, then push down the other side to lock it in place.

Check out this illustration:

As you see, using RF851 and PM85 is fairly simple.

Did you know? You can also charge both devices simultaneously through the 1 Slot Cradle for RF851. Watch the video to find out how.

Visit RF851’s product page ➜ 

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