PM45/PM85: How to connect Dual Slot Cradles for charging multiple devices simultaneously

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How to connect Dual Slot Cradles – instruction video

In industrial settings, accessories take a big part to promote productivity – one of their roles is preventing workers from losing time on charging and then deploying devices. It is an essential element of keeping the workflow simple and efficient. Point Mobile’s Dual Slot Cradle for PM45 and PM85 is designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously with maximum convenience so that only minimal force is needed to insert and pick up the devices.

Let’s take an example of the PM45 Dual Slot Cradle. Here is an easy six-step instruction about how to connect the Cradles to charge them with one power supply (if you want better visualization, check out the video instruction above).

  1. Pick up the cradle and push out the cap by using both thumbs.
  2. Pick up to the other cradle and remove the cap by using fingernails.
  3. Connect the cradles to engage them.
  4. Turn the cradles upside down to mount the bracket.
  5. When you connect the bracket, check if it’s in the right direction.
  6. Screw in the two screws to firmly connect the cradles.

Now, connect Dual Slot Cradles to charge multiple devices at the same time, and enjoy easy charging and deployment keeping the workflow smooth.

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