Why you should choose a rugged enterprise smartphone for your business

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PM45 with EmKit
EmKit running on a PM45 with Android 9

Companies are constantly looking for new technologies for better productivity and optimized workflows to save time and money. When it comes to choosing the right mobile hardware, keeping the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on a low is the key factor for most buyers. But while consumer smartphones are usually cheaper upon investment, professional enterprise devices are durable, repairable, and designed to be used for a much longer period of time.

In this article, we will take a closer look why choosing a rugged enterprise device is the better strategy in the long run.

Enterprise devices are designed for harsh environments

Using a consumer smartphone as an enterprise device can lead to many problems. Due to its frailness it may break easily in the active and demanding business environment, and the device would need to be repaired or even replaced. Typically, the life cycle of consumer devices ends approximately two years after launching, so sourcing a substitute can be troublesome. It could also generate extra costs – a different hardware may require software adjustments, new accessories or more training for your employees. This longsome procedure can be avoided with a device that was specifically optimized to be used professionally. Take our PM45 as an example: It is a rugged smartphone with an IP67 rating and can withstand multiple drops to concrete at 1.2m which makes it extremely durable and suited for rough usage environments. Additionally, there is a guaranteed and continuous supply of parts and services during its extended five-year lifecycle after the market launch. During that period, security updates as well as major OS releases are provided to keep businesses operative and help users focus on whatʼs important. Save valuable time and resources by taking advantage of PM45ʼs low TCO.

Comprehensive technical support and warranty

Professional device come with GMS/CTS certification by Google, which means most of the programming is following the standard Google SDK. However, for more advanced integration and customization, there is an additional SDK provided by us. Another advantage is to get the full support by a dedicated technical team: With professional enterprise-level support whenever required – should there be any technical questions or difficulties. Regular smartphone manufacturers typically do not offer those kinds of services.

To help companies selecting the right hardware, Google initiated its Android Enterprise Recommended program back in 2018. Devices that fulfill a strict set of requirements will be certified as a recommendable product, which gives confidence to businesses to choose the right device. Being part of this program e

We have to keep on thing in mind though: Even the most rugged device can break, which is why professional devices like PM45 come with optional warranty extensions (up to five years). There are various models to choose from-a basic warranty extension or the premium package, which includes all wear and tear, staging service and even battery swapping, as well as damages caused by the user. Off-the-shelf consumer smartphones are hard to be repaired and donʼt have professional warranty extensions. Even worse: Sometimes they cannot even be repaired at all and go to waste immediately. 

Enterprise-level barcode scanner software via camera

Most enterprise applications require barcode scanning at some point. Those barcodes can be often in locations that are hard to reach or even worse, they are damaged. While a consumer smartphone lacks the proper technology to read barcodes in imperfect conditions, an enterprise smartphone such as PM45 comes with a powerful, enterprise-level barcode scanning software using the built-in autofocus camera. The scanning software reads 1D and 2D barcodes and operates as fast as a 2D imager, while it also captures pictures brightly under relatively dark areas without using the camera flash.

Professional devices come with a broad range of complementary accessories

Included software solutions, wide range of accessories and more

It is often required to stage and prepare several hundred devices to be used out in the field. Without dedicated enterprise tools, this tough job will waste a lot of precious time, since each device needs to be staged manually. It can also lead to mistakes and be a big source of errors. Luckily there is a solution for that, too: Point Mobile provides EmKit (Enterprise Mobility Kit), a value-added service kit, including kiosk mode, clone and back up tools – all free of charge and pre-installed. Well-known MDM solutions such as SOTI and Airwatch have certified PM45 and clients are pre-installed and ready to go on every unit. It helps companies to manage and utilize their mobile devices remotely.

Now think about accessory: While consumer smartphones usually only come with a simple USB charger, a wide range of accessories for PM45 is available for various applications. The dual-slot cradle charges two devices at a time, and up to three can be connected to make a six-slot cradle. High-quality car cradles are also available by companies like Brodit and CarComm. A user-replaceable battery enables users to conveniently switch batteries or have more power, with the extended battery of 5,800mAh – which lasts almost two days in a row. Extended battery options for replaceable batteries as well as multi-slot cradles are some of the enterprise-level accessories that PM45 offers, designed for the optimal productivity of enterprise forces.

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